Happy Mother’s Day to All of You Amazing Moms!

happy Mother's Day

My favorite memory of my mom is watching her flawlessly apply her makeup every day to look and feel her best. My mom was the inspiration behind the Motives Cosmetics brand; I love that she was always motivated to look and feel beautiful. My mom was a truly inspirational and wonderful woman, and I miss her every day. Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to All of You Amazing Moms!

happy Mother's Day

I’d like to take a moment to wish all of you incredible moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. Whether you’re co-parenting or making it alone as a single mom, know that you’re doing the most powerful job in the world, and you’re doing amazing!

I’m so blessed to be a mom and a grandmom. My babies are everything to me; my heart, my soul, and my why. I’m so inspired every day by my angel, Amber, being the incredible mother I always knew she would be. You make me so proud every day! Love you!

I’m so excited for one of my besties, Eva, who will be celebrating motherhood any day now. I just know this is going to be your most magical journey yet. Love you, sis!

Don’t mind me, just bumping along today 😁 #BabyBaston

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