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Get Yourself Out of a Funk

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When you’re in a funk, sometimes it feels like there’s no way out. You’ve got a cloud over your head and you could care less whether it stays or it goes. It’s hard, I know, but it’s important that you get yourself out of that funk and back to living. I’ve written plenty of posts with tips to get you going, but today, I wanted to share some insight from Tony Robbins. Business Insider recently posted a video in which Robbins gives some seriously good advice about pulling yourself out of a funk. It’s a different perspective and one that I definitely wanted to share.

business insider, tony robbins, funk, get out of a funk, video, life and work, life & work

In the video, Robbins discusses his own funk and how he was able to pull himself out of it. He says that the first step is to recognize your emotional habits. According to Robbins, “you get what you tolerate,” so you learn to accept the fact that your living in that sadness and frustration.

His advice is to train your brain. To him, happiness is a practice, which is a sentiment I can’t help but agree with. He compares happiness training to working out. You work out to improve your body and your health, so why not work out to improve your mental state? According to Robbins, “you train yourself to feel sad.” So it’s all about training yourself to do the opposite.

Lastly, Tony talks about getting out of that funk for something “greater than yourself.” He encourages viewers to find something bigger than themselves to serve in order go above and beyond. This is a sentiment that rings true for me. JR and I started this whole business for ourselves, but also for our family and for you. What’s your greater purpose? Let me know in the comments section.

Head over to Business Insider to listen to Tony’s inspiring words.


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