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Do This to Make Your Affirmations Work!

Do This to Make Your Affirmations Work!

So, you’re big on self-help! That’s great—so am I, which is why I share so many techniques on this blog like making affirmations work for you! Self-help and self-development offer great tools to better yourself. If you’re going through the motions but not getting anywhere—that’s okay. Working on yourself takes time but there is something that you may have not ever considered.

For those self-development tools to work, you have to dig deep—I’m talking real deep. You have to dig down to the problem. I know, you don’t want to get down to those feelings, but growth is only possible if you so this one thing. You’re going to tear down all those walls to do the things that terrify you to get anywhere in life.

Let me give you an example. William James, the father of modern American psychology, believed that things didn’t happen to him. He believed that he was at fault for everything in his life—the good and the bad. Once he came to this realization, he was able to work through his problems (of which, he had many including illnesses of the eyes, back, stomach, and skin). He was a failure to his family in every way, but once he took responsibility for his problems, things changed. He grew up to marry, have a family, and even teach at Harvard. All it took was some introspection and digging deep to fully understand the truth of his past.

In order for your affirmations to work, or your manifesting to come to fruition you have to work on yourself in the deepest way possible. I hope this post gave you some insight on what it truly means to work on yourself.


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