Creative Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary

Creative Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary

I love celebrating my anniversary with JR. It always gives me a chance to reminisce about how it all began all those years ago and how far we’ve come, loving each other as husband and wife and as absolute best friends. Anniversaries are such a sweet opportunity to look back and be grateful for all the experiences that have brought you together. Do you have anniversary coming up? Here are some creative ways to commemorate it.

Creative Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary

Creative Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary

The Tourist Date – Treat your own city as a tourist spot and spend the day visiting all the spots around town that mean something to you as a couple. Take pictures of your day and print them out for a scrapbook later on.

Go Back to the Location of Your First Date – Revisit the spot where it all began with a visit to the location of your first date.

Dinner and a Show – Do a twist on the traditional by attending a production of Tony & Tina’s Wedding, where the audience is part of the action, taking part by toasting, dancing, and sitting in as guests.

Recreate Your Wedding Dinner – Make a romantic dinner at home by recreating the same meal you had at your wedding. Pour the champagne and reminisce as your song plays in the background.

A Night’s Stay at Your Wedding Venue – If you’re like many couples who got married at a hotel venue, book a night at the property and have a toast to your special day. Take a photo of yourselves now and frame it side-by-side with your wedding photo.

Couple’s Spa Day – Have a classic spa day as a couple and unwind as you’re both pampered. Just make sure the spa has coed facilities for hanging out together in between appointments.

Go Back to the Location Where You Got Engaged – Revisit your proposal and toast to your relationship wearing your finest.

Renew Your Vows – Make it a hokey affair by having a themed vow renewal or have an intimate gathering with friends and family. Celebrate the words that brought you together years ago.

Do you have any creative anniversary ideas? I’d love to hear how you honor your Big Day!




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