Best Paint Color for Each Room In Your House

If you’re thinking it’s about time to give your home a bit of a face lift, you’re probably right. After a few years, paint starts to get a bit dull – and it’s time to brighten things up. Depending on the style of your home, you may be reluctant to select bright paint colors, but in truth – all homes can use a bit of color. From an older craftsman bungalow to a brand new modern abode, colors bring life to a home. Whether your home is filled with small rooms and lots of walls or you live in a vast open-plan space, color can help define rooms and set the tone for the feeling of the home over all. Here’s a look at the best paint colors for each room in your house.

Can’t decide what color to paint your kitchen? Neutral greys keep things light and bright.


Earth tones in the living room are relaxing and mellow. Play up bright colors with accessories and furniture.


Go bright in the bedroom with turquoise and other tones of the sea.


 How about a bit of drama in the dining room with a rusty red?


Keep the playroom fun, but modern and functional in deep teal.


 Got a family room or office where there’s no direct sunlight or simply always feels a bit dim? Try brightening it up with shades of smoky green.


Have you recently painted your home? Did you experiment with color?



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