6 Gadgets Designed to Keep You Safe

6 Safety Gadgets for Women

Have you ever been walking home from a late night out with your girlfriends and momentarily thought – “wow, it’s late, I hope nothing happens to us”? Feeling safe is something that we often take for granted until we experience a moment when safety is compromised. From heading out on a blind date to withdrawing money at the ATM, we’ve all had those moments that leave us a little uneasy. Walking home with your phone in hand is one thing, but what if you had a safety gadget that you could wear for a night out at the club and no one would notice? How about something that would ensure help during a creepy situation with the simple touch of a button? Want to know how you can make that happen? Keep reading for a roundup of the best safety wearables out there.


6 Gadgets Designed to Keep You Safe

  1. Artemis. This fashionable jewelry line will instantly access a private security operator who will record audio and send help in an emergency, stat.
  1. Safelet. Yep, you got it – the safety bracelet. Looks like a bracelet and works like a personal alarm system, Safelet allows you to dial an emergency phone number without having to fumble with your phone. Using Bluetooth technology, it works like a charm and will barely impact the battery life of your phone – so no worries there.
  1. Siren. This comes in the form of a pretty stunning ring and does exactly what it’s called – lets out a LOUD siren during an emergency situation. Find yourself in trouble: simply twist the ring and a siren will echo letting anyone in the area know you’re in trouble. This one may be simple, but it works – and, looks good too!
  1. Safeti. Known as the on-demand safety concierge, this little tool is so tiny it can be clipped on your purse and no one will even notice it. Get in a tough situation – just click the button rapidly and GPS technology will track you down to help guide you out of harms way.
  1. Guardian Angel. Need to get out of a creepy situation? Simply tap your Guardian Angel bracelet or necklace and you’ll receive a call on your phone so that you have a great excuse to step away. In more of an emergency, just hold the button down and your contacts will be notified by text – giving them the chance to immediately send help.
  1. Cuff. With the added bonus of tracking your fitness activity, this little tool works like a tech-y buddy system. Find yourself in an emergency, just press the emergency alert button and your friends and family will be immediately notified. Cuff is as chic as it is effective and comes in all sorts of styles.


Would you feel more comfortable in sketchy situations with one of these safety devices on your side?



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