5 Ways to Break Up with Bad Habits


Wish you could change some of your worst habits to new, healthier behaviors?  Check out my go-to list of 5 ways to break up with bad habits to make the breakup easy and smooth.  As you get older, wiser, and more focused on your career, personal life and goals, you will find yourself thinking about the steps you need to take to make all the puzzle pieces of life fit together.  By breaking up with bad habits and finding new healthy routines, getting everything on track to achieve your goals and dreams will be easier than you think.



Whether your bad habits include: watching too much TV, not getting enough exercise, unhealthy eating, or even biting your nails, finding ways to break up with bad habits is not as difficult as it seems!  Remember: only you can change your ways, but if you follow these 5 ways to break up with bad habits, you just might find success.

5 ways to break up with bad habits

  1. Find a healthy, fun alternative to your bad habit.
  2. Be busier than your habit!  Fill your schedule with friends and family time.
  3. Think before you act.  Being aware of your actions will help you stop the habit.
  4. Avoid situations where you may be tempted to engage in the bad habit.
  5. When you successfully avoid the habit for an entire day, reward yourself!



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