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25 Ways to Flirt with Your Partner

25 Ways to Flirt with Your Partner, flirting, flirt, flirting with your partner, partner, sex and relationship

We all go through those ups and downs with our partners and significant others. Whether you’ve been married for years or you’re completely new to one another, keeping it fun and flirty is essential. When you’ve been together for a long time, finding things to do with one another that keeps the spark alive can sometimes feel challenging. You struggle to squeeze in date night in between work, raising a family and just being busy. When you’re newly dating, it’s easy to get so caught up in the romance; things can get too intense, too quick. No matter what stage of the game you’re at in your relationship, keeping the flirty fun alive is the name of the game. So, how do you do that? Here’s a look at 25 ways to flirt with your partner.

25 Ways to Flirt with Your Partner

25 Ways to Flirt with Your Partner, flirting, flirt, flirting with your partner, partner, sex and relationship

  1. Tell each other jokes. Sounds silly—because it is!
  2. Sit down and talk about your day together. No t.v., no cell phones, just the two of you…downloading your day.
  3. Write a love note. Just for fun and because it will be the sweetest surprise.
  4. Do something sweet for him or her that takes a little bit of the stress out of life —surprise your love with a night out, bake some cookies or even fold the laundry!
  5. Take a Sunday drive together and just chat.
  6. Have a coffee shop date.
  7. Give your love a sweet and sexy massage.
  8. Have a candlelight dinner at home.
  9. Give random and surprise kisses when he or she least expects it.
  10. Bake pizza together from scratch.
  11. Sneak a love note in his or her lunch.
  12. Send a text just to say hi.
  13. Go for a walk in the park and hold hands.
  14. Take a selfie together.
  15. Snuggle up under a cozy blanket on the couch.
  16. Dance to your favorite romantic song.
  17. Build a fire in the fireplace and read books.
  18. Go on a weekend getaway to a cabin or somewhere totally remote.
  19. Just smile.
  20. Get a special outfit for a fancy night out.
  21. Try wearing some new perfume or cologne…your partner will love you for this!
  22. Plan a secret scavenger hunt date.
  23. Don’t forget to hug!
  24. Spend Saturday a.m. getting coffee and dog walking. SO cute!
  25. Just have fun.

How about it? Can you infuse your relationship with some fun and flirty moves to keep the spark alive?



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