25 Ways to Be More Elegant

25 Ways to Be More Elegant, elegance,

Have you ever met someone who just takes your breath away because the way he or she carries themselves? People who have elegance down to a science seem to carry themselves with the most lovely poise and confidence, and it’s certainly something to be admired. From being the first person to send the perfect thank you note to having a signature house wine that all guests are served, there are a whole heap of ways to make sure that you’re putting your most elegant foot forward. If you’re wondering how to step up your game, you can! Here are 25 ideas.

25 Ways to Be More Elegant


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  1. ALWAYS send a thank you note. No exceptions.
  2. Stand tall, proud and confident.
  3. Listen carefully and try your best to hold your comments rather than interrupt.
  4. When it comes to fashion, keep your color palette solid and fluid.
  5. Always edit down your accessories.
  6. Pay attention to art and get to know your favorite styles and artists.
  7. Always remember your manners.
  8. Find a wine that you love and make it your signature, house wine.
  9. Same goes for a cocktail.
  10. Invest in a staple trench coat and a gorgeous scarf.
  11. Stick to your budget and be proud of that.
  12. Go for quality rather than quantity.
  13. Find a perfume that you love and make it your signature scent.
  14. Remember everyone’s birthdays (this is tough – maintain a calendar!)
  15. When an event is Black Tie, be sure to wear a tux.
  16. Enjoy walks in the park, picnics, and simple pleasures.
  17. Don’t be shy about donning your best look for a night out – like a dress or a suit.
  18. Open the car door and any door for the ladies in your life.
  19. Learn that the simple things and simplifying life can bring a lot of joy.
  20. Try making your one piece of jewelry a strand of pearls now and then.
  21. Invest in staples like a white button-down shirt and a great pair of trousers.
  22. Develop a signature dinner party meal and host friends annually.
  23. Always act like a gentleman.
  24. Be a great conversationalist.
  25. Be unabashedly yourself.


So how about it, ladies? Will you use some of these ideas to step up your elegance game?



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