10 Positive Phrases to Use in Daily Vocabulary

10 Positive Phrases to Add to Your Daily Vocabulary

Sometimes you need something positive to turn a bad day into a good one – and, it can be as simple as having a positive mantra. It’s easy to get caught up in the things that are bringing you down, so rather than getting stuck there, how about learning some positive phrases to keep things moving on an upward slope? Not sure how to make that work for you? It’s really simple. Here are 10 positive phrases to use in daily vocabulary to keep your spirits high and negative thoughts low.

10 Positive Phrases to Use in Daily Vocabulary

#1. With positive thinking comes a positive outcome.

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#2. It is what it is. I will let go of what no longer serves me.

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#3. Happiness is the journey. I will focus on the task at hand.


#4. Happiness is a decision. I choose to be happy.

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#5. Happiness begins with positive thoughts and energy.

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#6. I will be kind. I will be positive.

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#7. I am enough.

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#8. Today is a new day and I will make it count.

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#9. I will give thanks and dream big.

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#10. I will be the energy I hope to get back.


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Do you feel the positive vibes and positive energy flowing?



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