Carmelo Anthony On Being A Dad

In honor of Father’s Day I am sharing an exclusive interview with my dear friend NBA All Star and amazing Dad, Carmelo Anthony.  He is a genuine soul and I consider one of my brothers.  Carmelo is an inspiration to many around the world and sets a great example for all dads alike.  He once told me a very funny story.  One day I asked him of how much his son Kiyan looked like him when he was younger, Carmelo than told me he has a photo of himself as a kid in his living room and every time Kiyan passes by it he asks his dad Carmelo, “dad when did I take this photo.”  It’s very special feeling to know how much we resemble our children even as grown-ups.  Hope you enjoy my interview with NBA All Star Carmelo Anthony on a special Loren’s World Father’s Day edition.

1. What is the first thing you do in the morning? I like to count my blessings and thank god for another day.

2. How has being a dad changed your life? It has made me see things different.  I now think twice about my actions.  Everything I do affects my son Kiyan.

3. How do you manage to balance family and friends while traveling around the world? Sometimes I bring my friends along while traveling so they can explore a new world outside of the norm.  It’s always satisfying to be able to bring people along who might not be able to get the same opportunity to see the world how I see it or when they are with me.  As far as family, for me it always comes first.

4. Who or what motivates you in the morning? To wake up in the morning and know that I was given another day to make a difference, that motivates me.

5. What is your favorite thing to do with your son Kiyan? We love to watch movies together, take him to museums, watch sports and the National Geographic channel.

6. Name your favorite cartoon show growing up. Gi Joe.

7. What is something that Kiyan does that makes you smile? When he recaps my basketball games, it makes me smile.

8. What is something that people don’t know about you? I like to cook.




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