Get To Know Celebrity Nail Artist, Naomi Yasuda

This week I got to catch up with my girl and amazing nail artist, Naomi Yasuda. With Market America’s International Convention coming up in just a few days you know I needed a fresh manicure. Although I’m one of her few clients that usually request a classic look she is known for her out-of-the-box designs. Her clients range from A-listers from all industries and she has partnered with some of the biggest beauty giants. From Celine Dion to Becky G, Naomi’s natural talent to create unique designs is what keeps her clients coming back. Naomi shared with me how to maintain my manicure in between sessions, her favorite celebrity client and more!

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What’s a good product to use to keep your cuticles looking nice in between manicures?

Don’t forget to apply cuticle oil everyday. Not only does it nourish your cuticle but also makes your natural nail stronger!

Favorite nail color for fall season?

Gold. I have chrome metallic on my nails right now 😉

What’s your favorite nail design?

I love simple geometric design. Perfect clean lines makes me happy.

This summer I was loving jelly nails with crystals .

Who’s your favorite celebrity to do their nails and why?

Madonna. She is the best. Her professionalism and work ethic inspires me a lot. I’ve been doing her nails for 8 years but I still can’t believe that she is my client.

What’s your favorite thing about being a celebrity nail artist?

A lot of times when I work for a celeb I also get to work with a lot of amazing artists (stylists, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, etc.). The team inspires each other to create something special. Also, it’s rewarding to see my work on a big screen or magazine.



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