I Love Using Instagram for Business!


Using Instagram for business.  I bet by now you have heard of Instagram and probably use it all the time (like me!), but have you ever thought of using Instagram for businessInstagram is such an awesome way to make simple photos look funky and cool.  By adding a filter or using the blur tool, you can make objects or people look mysterious and glamorous.

I love using instagram for photos of my friends and family.  And I also love using Instagram for business.  Sometimes I share photos of my jewelry or makeup line and Instragram makes the shots totally unique.

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There are a bunch of benefits of using Instagram for business, like showing off behind the scenes photos of your office space or even a company party.  Your customers will love it! Another way of using instagram for business is to have employees post Instagram photos to the company Facebook or Pinterest page.  Your clients will feel like they have the inside scoop and your employees will have fun too!  You can also ask your customers to share photos of your products using Instagram – what a great way to connect with the people who love your product!

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Using Instagram for business is a great way to stay ahead of the curve with social media.  What’s your favorite way to use Instagram?

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