How to Give Constructive Criticism

Do you need to learn how to give constructive criticism?  There is a fine line between offering helpful advice and coming across as a nagging know-it-all.  Not many of us are good at giving or receiving constructive criticism but offering feedback at work is very important.  In the business world, it’s essential to learn how to give constructive criticism whether it’s with an employee or fellow co-worker.  Unfortunately, the word criticism has a negative connotation which automatically raises defense in the other person.  No one likes to be told that they are doing something wrong or what they are doing is not good enough!  That’s why constructive criticism is a better choice – offering feedback at work that is both positive and negative.  The goal should always be to help someone improve and avoid unnecessary issues of conflict.  Here are tips to help you give constructive criticism:

  • Make sure that your feedback is valid and unbiased.
  • Leave your individual opinions and personal feelings out of it.
  • Focus on what needs to improve versus any personal attacks.
  • Make sure that your criticism is clear, understandable and relevant.
  • Start with positive feedback




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