Get the Look: Bold Pink Eyeshadow Tutorial

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If there’s one thing that dresses up any outfit, it’s a statement eye. Makeup artist Ely Marino definitely made a statement with this bold pink eyeshadow look, making it the only accessory you’ll need for an otherwise simple ensemble. This look is not for the timid of heart, so I urge you to channel your inner rebel to rock this look confidently. If you’re ready to break out and try something new, scroll ahead for this bold pink eyeshadow tutorial using products by Motives Cosmetics.

Get the Look: Bold Pink Eyeshadow Tutorial | My Fashion Cents


1.Begin by applying “Ivory” (My Beauty Weapon Palette) onto the brow bone

2.Using “Baby Doll” blush blend slightly above the crease and underneath the lower lash line

3.Taking “Ecstasy” shadow blend in the crease and underneath the lower lash line closest to the lashes

4.Using “LBD” gel liner apply to the water line and using “Onyx” shadowsmudge slightly

5.Using “Essence” pat onto the lid and taking Motives glitter glue with gem sparkles in “Morganite” pat over the top for a touch of sparkle!

Get the Look: Bold Pink Eyeshadow | My Fashion Cents



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