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Side Hustle: How to Sell an Online Course

If you’re wondering how to sell an online course, you’re not alone. Most people have invested in online education at some point in their lives, which is why online courses continue to slay the business world. All you need is an area of expertise you can sell, a few days of your time, and a small marketing budget.

1. Set goals.

Set goals with timelines to create everything you need to launch your online course. Adding dates helps keep you on task, and it forces you to hold yourself accountable. Think of the end goal – as soon as you finish the course, you can keep selling your material for months or even years to come with minimal additional effort and time required of you.

2. Offer multiple benefits.

Offer bonus materials in your course, as well as special offers from affiliate partners. The more value you can offer customers, the more likely they are to recommend your course to interested friends, family, and associates. Start by giving your course away to 10-20 people for free first in return for testimonials. New site visitors are far more likely to buy your course if they read lots of testimonials about how your course helped them in multiple ways.

3. Create a marketing strategy.

Once a customer adds your course to their cart, offer add-ons at checkout. Adding a CTA like a limited time offer helps create an impulse buying response. Create a customer persona and implement marketing efforts to target this persona. If your course teaches people how to become an Instagram influencer, for example, target college students and Millenials. These younger age groups are more likely to be tech-savvy and want to get more involved with how they can jump on the influencer bandwagon.

4. Align your strategies.

Ensure all of your social media efforts are focusing on helping people in your chosen niche. Give away free hacks, advice, and other helpful information. Respond to customer queries with relevant and useful information.

What course would you love to create and sell online? Tweet me @lorenridinger.


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