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IWD: The Women Behind Our Beauty Brands

People have always said, “It’s a man’s world,” but every day we are proving them wrong. I am so proud to have such amazing strong women standing beside me, in business and in life. They inspire me with their passion for business and drive to bring their visions to life. Below are the incredible women behind our beauty brands, Motives, Lumiere de Vie, and Layered. 

Amber Ridinger-Mclaughlin

Creator of Lumière de Vie®, Lumière de Vie Hommes, DNA Miracles® and Layered

My daughter. I am so unbelievably proud of her. A designer, wife, and first and foremost, mother of the year. Amber has been the driving force behind Lumière de Vie — the best in women’s and men’s skincare; DNA Miracles® — the highest quality body and wellness products designed for babies, children and expectant mothers; and Layered — a line of jewelry that is luxurious and affordable, the perfect combination for the modern woman. She is the creator of three brands, Lumiere de Vie, Layered, and DNA Miracles. She knows how to run a busy ship at home — juggling both work and family life with three children. In between homeschooling and making ballerina costumes, this beauty entrepreneur has been building an empire to encompass the multifaceted woman. 

Kim Ashley

Director of Motives Cosmetics and Skincare

A triple threat: passionate, dedicated, and enterprising, Kim Ashley, Market America’s Director of Motives Cosmetics, Skincare & Layered, has been dedicated to building and growing Market America’s beauty division for over 10 years. With her deep love for all things, beauty and her high energy, extensive experience, and impeccable leadership skills, Kim is a real-life example of what it’s like to be a true Boss Babe. Thriving in both her career and personal life, Kim strives to be a positive role model to not only her beautiful daughter, Violet but every woman she meets. Backed by fire and passion, Kim has played an integral part over the course of her career in helping to develop new and innovative products to give UnFranchise® Owners the tools needed for wild success. As a go-getter who lives life to the fullest, Kim is always ready to take on whatever challenges and the opportunities life brings and is eager to continue to strengthen and grow Market America’s fast-paced beauty division.

Maria Checa

Creative Advisor

With her keen eye for color and knowledge of upcoming trends, Maria is a great fit on the Motives team. Maria is passionate about design and expresses her creativity by researching trends and executing the latest “it” colors for Motives. As Motives Creative Advisor, Maria enjoys creating campaign concepts for Motives seasonal launches and time the helm when directing Motives video and photo shoots. With her helpful insights, Maria has helped expand the Motives line (and team) beyond expectations.

Sara Smith

Brand Manager of Motives Cosmetics & Lumiere de Vie

A natural leader with so much creativity. Sara works closely with our Brand Director, Kim Ashley, to execute the creation of amazing products and establish a unique branding for each individual brand. She helps develop a brand strategy for both Motives and Lumiere de Vie, overseeing our social media team, product development, online and offline promotions, and market research. Her passion for beauty has shined through everything she does. Check out the new look of! 

Emily Stacks

Brand Manager of Layered Jewelry

A lover of fashion and design, Emily has helped Layered Jewelry develop a brand strategy. She also oversees our social media team, product sourcing, promotions, their website, and market research. Working closely with our Brand Director, Kim Ashley, she has helped release incredible new styles of jewelry and support collaborations with Elle Taiwan and Vogue Taiwan. We are so excited to see what’s next for Layered jewelry! 

Leigh Raeder & Lisa Martin

Motives Field Consultant & Motives Director of Field Development

Lisa and Leigh are tremendous assets in working with our Global Team of Motives Certified Trainers and Beauty Advisors. They have a true passion for creating systems and offering support for all of our Motives Beauty Advisors (Freelance Artists, Industry Professionals, and team of Entrepreneurs) in an effort to help everyone achieve their vision of success and to create an ongoing income. As wives, mothers, incredible entrepreneurs, and friends, we love having them as part of the team!

Mary Floyd & Georgina Burke

NEW Creative Advisors

The newest part of our team recently! I am so excited to have brought these incredible women onto our team to revolutionize our brands. They have been working closely with Amber and me, and the rest of our beauty team. These women are badass businesswomen and are beautiful inside and out. I am so happy to have them by my side and officially on my team. Amazing things are coming our way! 

Loren Ridinger

CEO and Founder of Motives

I have always had a passion for beauty and helping others feel beautiful, inside and out. My vision is to create the highest-quality beauty and skincare products for every woman. I am so proud of these brands and my team of badass, powerful, beautiful, and inspiring women I get to work alongside every day. I love you all. We are so excited about what’s to come. We can only go up from here!



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