Why You Have to Cut Mr. Wrong out of Your Life Right Now

Mr. Wrong

Your intuition is speaking to you when you pick up on potential warning signs in relationships. Those red flags often become the reasons you walk away further down the line. If you've picked up on three or more signs that the person you're dating is potentially toxic and Mr. Wrong, run for the hills. Toxic people pollute everything around them, including you.

Why You Have to Cut Mr. Wrong out of Your Life Right Now

Mr. Wrong

Toxic personalities, in general, spread negativity, criticize you, waste your time, envy your success, and lie. Toxic people will create drama, and block every blessing that attempts to come your way. They will deplete your energy levels and strip you of positivity at every turn. None of these behaviors are desirable qualities for a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

The longer you waste time on Mr. Wrong, the longer you are preventing yourself from the opportunity to meet Mr. Right. Dating someone toxic will wear you down over time and eat away at your happiness. That's why you have to listen to your gut and cut Mr. Wrong out of your life right now.

Here are 3 colossal warning signs you're dating Mr. Wrong:

#1. They "love bomb" you.

Trying to push you to get serious with them quickly is often due to his insecurity or lack of emotional intelligence, and an attempt to lock you down before you have time to acknowledge his defects. Relationships should flow naturally. If their behavior seems fake or too good to be true, it probably is.

#2. He puts you down.

Whether he puts you down subtly or unsubtly, he's doing so to chip away at your self-esteem to gain control over you. Run. Away.

#3. He plays games with you.

If a man is genuinely interested in you, he won't risk pushing you away and will consistently show his interest in you. He won't string you along, making and breaking dates in-between ghosting you, yet giving you just enough attention to keep your interest alive.

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