Want happiness? Hire a maid and order takeout more

The pursuit of happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Whether it comes from your career, friendships, relationships or success as a whole, everyone is searching for the holy grail of life – happiness!

Happiness, of course, means entirely different things to different people. Some people dream of becoming a self-made millionaire; others seek happiness from starting a family or traveling the world. Whatever your version of happiness is, some interesting facts were revealed in recent studies.

The National Academy of Sciences discovered that people who spend money on services that save them time are significantly happier and more satisfied with their lives.

Interestingly, each study participants’ financial status in no way affected their happiness. Spending money to save time showed a substantial increase in well-being, whereas those who spent money on material goods showed no change in their level of happiness.

So, if buying time promotes happiness, what tasks can you delegate? I’ve compiled a list below of the top 5 ways to buy yourself time:

Hire a PA.

You will have so much more time and your life will feel more organized and less stressful.

Hire a maid.

Having a clean, tidy environment is vital for positive and productive thinking. However, cleaning is highly time-consuming, so consider hiring a maid to handle all of this for you.

Order food in.

There are plenty of healthy meal options now offering pre-cooked healthy meals which are delivered to your door every week. Prepared meals are a great way to save a huge amount of time spent at the grocery store, time pondering what to cook and the actual act of cooking itself. I LOVE cooking, but some days I just don’t have the time in my busy schedule to spend hours in the kitchen.


Uber it.

If you have lots to get done but places to get to, consider taking Uber taxis to your meetings so that you can get more work done in your temporary backseat mobile office.

Hire a nanny.

Nannies can be the most wonderful help when it comes to organizing your children’s’ extra-curricular activities and ensuring they still get to engage in lots of fun activities while you work.

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