Monday Motivation: Make 2019 the Year to Try New Things

try new things

New year, new you! Make 2019 the year you try new things. Make it one of your year-long goals to try something new every single month. Then at the end of the year, you can reflect on what you loved and what made a difference in your overall mood and well-being and what you want to continue to pursue. Read on for my list of ideas to spark some inspiration for your year of trying new things!

#1. Fascia Blasting

No one likes cellulite. It’s unnecessary but a part of growing older and staying true to our bodies. Enter fascia blasting. This is an all-natural method that uses a special wand that you run up and down your skin for less than three minutes per area containing cellulite. Make sure to try this treatment after you’ve warmed up your muscles with a hot bath or shower. Fascia blasting tightens your skin and makes your cellulite less noticeable. Over time and continued practice, your cellulite will disappear altogether.

#2. Debt Cleanse

Find an organization system that works for you and list out the amounts that you owe for each form of debt, whether it’s $200 you need to pay your mom, credit cards, or student loans. Be sure to add additional columns like the annual interest rate (APR), the monthly payment date, the minimum monthly payment, and your credit limit, if applicable. Then prioritize and select one piece of debt to pay off first. Pay only the minimum for the rest of your debt, and focus on putting any extra money you have toward the primary goal to get it paid off as quickly as possible. Then keep moving down the list of priorities.

#3. Glow Like J.Lo

My girl J.Lo has some incredible secrets up her sleeve to make sure she looks radiant and fresh every single day. To get the signature Jennifer Lopez glow, make sure to avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine. You will also want to stay hydrated and drink lots of water every day. Make sure you’re also prioritizing your sleep and getting at least 8 hours each night. Lastly, make sure you commit to being fit and spend quality time in the gym. Exercise boosts endorphins and helps counteract the aging of the skin.

What new things are you going to try in 2019? Tweet me @lorenridinger.