How to Give Your Immune System a Boost This Party Season

immune system

Late nights, dehydration and an on-the-go diet can weaken the immune system during party season, making you more susceptible to viruses. Read on to discover how to boost your immune system during the holidays.

How to Give Your Immune System a Boost This Party Season

immune system

#1. Invest in daily supplements.

Isotonix OPC-3® is a powerful daily antioxidant that offers a wealth of health benefits, including supporting your immune system.

#2. Sleep as much as possible.

Listen to your body and slow down when you need to. One too many late nights in a row will leave you feeling run down and unwell.

#3. Cook with fresh garlic.

Garlic is an immune system superhero that boosts the number of virus-fighting cells in your bloodstream. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must to ensure your body is getting all of the vitamins and minerals it needs.

#4. Switch your carbs for whole grains.

Quinoa, oats and other whole grains provide fiber which helps promote a healthy gut that can defend against parasites and viruses.

#5. Don't avoid the gym.

A good workout helps to purge your body of toxins and boost your immune system by improving circulation and reducing stress.

#6. Hydration is key!

Too much caffeine combined with central heating can leave your body (and skin) dehydrated. Add some lemon or cucumber to your increased daily water intake to replenish your body, especially after those late nights!

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