Adult Acne: How To Slay It

adult acne tips

Adult acne is becoming increasingly common in both men and women in their thirties and beyond.

Acne can seriously affect a sufferer's self-esteem and confidence, especially when we take into consideration that our modern lifestyles and social media obsession add additional pressure to look our best at all times.

Adult Acne: How to Slay the Beast

adult acne

There are two main types of acne. The first, hormonal acne manifests typically around the mouth, jaw, and chin. The second type, cystic acne, is caused by pores becoming blocked with dirt and excess oil resulting in infection.

Acne can be exasperated by many factors including excess oil production, increased testosterone production just before a woman's monthly cycle, diet, makeup, not removing makeup thoroughly and the daily nasties our skin comes into contact with every day such as pollutants and toxins.

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Seek help.

The first step to ridding yourself of adult acne is to book in for a specialist bespoke acne facial, tailored to your skin. Step two is a consultation with a dermatologist who can determine the type of acne you have, and suggest the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to help battle breakouts.

Invest in your skin.

Invest in skincare specifically designed for acne-prone skin with calming and oil-control qualities. Wash your face immediately before and after exercise. This helps clear the way for sweat and toxins to exit the pores and washes all those impurities away afterward.

Double Cleanse.

Every evening, cleanse your skin twice. The first cleanse removes dirt and pollutants, while the second wash purges pores of dirt, makeup, excess oil, and debris.  Double cleansing is particularly important to implement a week before your monthly cycle to wash away that excess oil.