Dating: 5 Signs They’re Just Not That into You

dating after thirty

‘Dating after 30 is easy. It’s like riding a bike. But the bike is on fire. And the ground is on fire. Everything is on fire. Because you are in hell.’ - Anon.

I must admit I did laugh the first time I read this quote – surely, dating can’t be that bad, can it? My friends assure me that actually, yes - it can be - backed up with some bizarre examples of dating disasters.

Why does dating after 30 have such a bad reputation? I like to think it’s because once we hit our thirties, we’re more in tune with ourselves. We know what we’re looking for, and we know the type of people that are good (and not so good) for us to be around, guiding us away from making bad choices. Here are 5 signs they’re just not that into you.

If you don’t text or call them, you don’t hear from them.

When someone genuinely likes you, they’ll want talk to you. If they’re not calling or texting you, they’re not thinking about you. This is probably the easiest way to tell they’re just not that into you.

They don’t always respond, and when they do, send one or two-word replies.

Maybe they are super busy. But, if they miss your call and you don’t get a call back later that day, that’s another red flag. Communication should flow both ways.

They cancel on you frequently.

If they’re excited to see you and spend time with you, they won’t regularly cancel dates. If they have to for whatever reason, they’ll be sure to make it up to you because they won’t want to risk losing you.

They’re hot and cold.

Being all over you one minute then cold and distant the next means they’re not sure about you. If their behavior is confusing to you, give them some space and focus on you.

They’re always busy or making excuses.

If someone doesn’t make time for you, you’re not a priority to them. If they sometimes avoid your calls and turn up eventually with another excuse, find someone else who makes an effort to spend time with you.