6 Ways to Spot Lies like an FBI Agent

ways to spot lies

Our bodies are always trying to communicate with us. If we're hungry, our stomach tells us by rumbling, or if we injure ourselves, we know via feeling pain. Sometimes, we feel it in our gut that someone is lying to us. It may be because something feels 'off' about their tone, they stutter, or they can't make eye contact. The FBI and various other professionals have a number of ways to spot lies via facial expressions, body language, and verbal indicators. Read on to discover the six foolproof signs someone is lying to you.

6 Ways to Spot Lies like an FBI Agent

To differentiate between lies and stress nervousness, you first need to know how the person you're interrogating acts typically and speaks.

1. Make small talk.

While making small talk with your subject, take note of his or her natural reactions to several observations you know to be true. When you throw in some statements you know to be false, you'll be able to note the different reactions from their body language to facial movements and even different words, speaking speed or tone of voice they may use.

2. Watch the eyes.

People's eyes frequently dart back and forth when they feel under duress; this could happen in a highly stressful situation but is often a sign someone isn't telling the whole truth.

3. Watch their lips.

People compress their lips when under stress, which can be another sign a person is not telling the whole truth.

4. Watch their hands.

If their hands are moving around a lot or touching their next, this is another sign of stress and anxiety which could be triggered by lying.

5. Watch their body language.

If your person turns their body away from you or crosses their legs as soon as you as a question, they could be attempting to create distance between you.

6. Where are their thumbs?

Hiding, lowering or raising the thumbs is a lesser-known tell-tale sign that someone is not telling the truth.

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