6 Ways to Make Him Want to Ask You to Move in

move in

Modern dating seems a little more challenging than it was in my day. The rise of dating apps has given singles more options than ever, so less motivation to commit. I'm a huge believer in love. I wholeheartedly believe that when a man truly loves a woman, all other options go out of the window. If you've reached the love stage with your partner, there are certain behaviors that a man may be on the lookout for before asking you to move in. There are no one-size fits all approaches, of course, but there are a few general rules.

6 Ways to Make Him Want to Ask You to Move in

move in

#1. Don't pressure him.

Men generally take a slower pace when it comes to dating and commitment. Don't jump on the idea of moving in together as soon as you both say "I love you" out loud for the first time. Enjoy the moment. Give him time to fall completely in love with you at his own pace. Regardless of how much a man loves you, feeling pressured to commit to your time frame and expectations can trigger panic mode and push him to withdraw from you. Let him bring up the idea of moving in together on his terms when he's ready.

#2. Be a free spirit.

To be blunt, the majority of men need to know that their ever-after lady has her own life so that she won't be clingy. Continue working towards your goals, go on those weekend trips with the girls and keep doing what makes you happy. Don't be too available. Let him ask to see you when you've both been busy for a few days. Have other plans sometimes like fun adventures with your girlfriends.

#3. Be financially independent.

Finances are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to relationship difficulties. Knowing you're financially independent is important not only for your self-esteem and life goals but also so that your man understands you want him, not need him.

#4. Don't focus all of your attention on him.

Yes, it's exciting when you meet someone amazing who feels the same way about you. But don't lose yourself in this new relationship. Keep focusing just as hard on your career and life goals. Stay on your path. Don't obsess over him; this includes playing possible scenarios through your head when he doesn't text you back straight away and stalking his online social media. You can show him he's important to you without making him the center of your universe. Loving someone with detachment is the most potent love of all.

#5. Stop talking about commitment.

Constantly asking leading 'trick' questions to find out how he feels about you or how serious he is about you isn't subtle; men see right through these tactics, and it makes you come across as needy and insecure. Remove the 'commitment' pressure from the relationship; let him come to you.. Until then, put your needs first.

#6. Let things flow naturally.

Playing it cool doesn't entail turning up on his doorstep after three dates with all of your worldly possessions. Go with the flow. If you usually stay over at his place, let some time pass before you leave a toothbrush or hairbrush there. Go home late at night rather than sleeping over sometimes so that you have access to all of your products and killer outfit to slay work the next day. When he realizes you're going home sometimes because you don't have any stuff at his place, he'll naturally want to find a compromise. Let him suggest clearing a drawer for you to keep some essentials there so that you can sleep over.