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Travel Tips And Packing Tricks for #MAIC2017

August 7th, 2017

With Market America International Convention just around the corner, everyone has packing and travel on their minds. It’s always a whirlwind few days filled with SO much fun, excitement, information – you name it! So making sure you have your travel plans set and you’ve packed everything you need is an absolute must. While you can always go out to grab those last-minute items, it’s so much easier to have all your essentials already packed, don’t you agree? No matter how far you’re traveling to get to this year’s MAIC, let’s take a look at a few of my favorite travel and packing tips.

Travel Tips And Packing Tricks for #MAIC2017

Make a list! That’s the easiest one and the best tip out there. How else can you make sure you have everything you need? Sit down and brainstorm everything you want to bring along to make your trip smooth and your stay comfortable. Start with your ideal wish list and if it doesn’t all fit, you can start scaling back from there.

Roll your clothes rather than folding. Turns out if you roll, you can fit so much more! Plus it does wonders for keeping things wrinkle-free.

Be familiar with all the travel rules and airline baggage fees before you get to the airport. There’s nothing worse than having to unload your back when you’re checking in for your flight. Get everything straight before you head out – weight, sizes for liquids and fees. No surprises!

Pack items that work as layers. When you pack clothes that can do double duty, you save space and weight in your bag. Plus, that means you often have room for some extras. The air conditioning is always cranking in the arena and it’s so hot outside – those layers will come in handy.

Keep your essentials (and some extra clothes) in your carryon. There’s always the chance that your luggage gets lost in transit and you definitely don’t want to be stranded without the items you really need. Keep your glasses, prescriptions, important papers and ID’s all in your carryon. And, if you can fit some extra clothes – you might as well, just in case.

Travel with healthy snacks. This one is an absolute must for me. There’s nothing worse than a long day of travel and also ending up so hungry! I always throw and apple and some of my favorite healthy snacks – string cheese, granola bars and almonds in my bag. That way I know I’ll always have a snack on hand when the travel day starts to drag on.

Establish a routine. When you have a simple routine that works for you on travel days, everything seems to be much more smooth. Eat that healthy breakfast you love, have your book and magazine ready to go and get situated on your flight just the way you like. Take a deep breath – and your off!

Are you ready for MAIC? What are your go-to travel tips for this fun event e

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