The Best Spring Break 2019 Travel Destinations

Spring break 2019 travel isn't just for college students. February to May is an excellent time of year for families, couples, singles, and groups to explore the world too due to lower travel costs and cooler temperatures. Don't forget to set up alerts for your dream destination so that you get the lowest price alerts directly to your email inbox.

The Best Spring Break 2019 Travel Destinations
1. Grand Canyon Glamping.

Visit this historic place of peace and stargaze at night from a luxury tent. Just what the soul ordered…

2. Fairbanks, Alaska.

This little-known treasure is said to be the best place to view the aurora borealis in the USA. Think Northern Lights-watching from a hot tub minus the long flight to Iceland.

3. Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum is fast overtaking Cancun as the go-to Mexican destination dreams are made of in this bohemian paradise.

4. Hong Kong.

This incredible city is fast becoming one of the hottest destinations to visit in 2019.

5. Sicily.

This beautiful Italian haven caters to everyone, complete with incredible wine, sun, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

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