Live Abroad: Quit Your Job and Move Here

Are you continually daydreaming about the moment you're able to quit your job and live abroad? It's not such a far-fetched dream anymore. More and more people are doing precisely this.

Many aspiring entrepreneurial nomads set up businesses online this year. Why? To keep themselves financially afloat while they live out their dream.

Before pen that resignation letter, have you considered where you plan on living abroad?

Check out these top 4 destinations based on fabulous low living costs, adventure opportunities and lifestyle-appropriate for singles.  The estimated monthly costs were calculated based on the value of a single person living in a comfortable apartment and neighborhood. All bills (phone, water, etc.) included.

Live Abroad: Quit Your Job and Move Here
live abroad colombia

El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia

Sunny year-round, Medellin is a culturally rich and chic destination - an excellent choice for stylish luxury lifestyle lovers on a budget. Bonus points if you can speak Spanish.

Monthly budget: $1,650.

live abroad
Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

'The Caribbean with a French twist' best describes this established community of French expats. Hello delicious local food and extensive white-sand beaches.

Monthly budget: $1,250.

live abroad Thailand
Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai, Thailand

This monthly budget includes a 3-bedroom apartment, meaning you have the option of hosting Air BnB guests or renting rooms long-term. Expect exotic inexpensive groceries and beautiful nearby beaches.

Monthly budget: $800 per month

live abroad Granada Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is described as a more cost-friendly version of Costa Rica, complete with rain forests, rivers, and stunning coastlines. Popular with romantics and architecture-lovers.

Monthly budget: $1,225

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