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Weekly Top Pick: Motives® Luxe Precision Eye Line

Beauty Blunders: How to Fix Your Eyeliner Mistakes | Loren's World

When it comes to your arsenal of cosmetics, a reliable eyeliner that’s easy to apply, smudge proof and looks good too is an absolute essential. And, a tough one to find! When you do find the one, you’ll know – and it will keep your eyes looking bright, well-rested and ready for anything. Whether you’re headed out for a big night on the town and you want something dramatic and sexy or you want a daytime look that’s both pretty and professional, Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line will get you there. My top pick of the week and one of my most reliable must-haves, this eyeliner is second to none.


Once you try it, you’ll never go back. Here’s why:

Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line is a moisturizing water- and smudge-proof felt-tip liquid liner that contours and lines the eyes with precision. It keeps your eyes looking freshly lined all day and into the night.

  • Waterproof, long-lasting formula
  • Velvet touch precision tip for accurate application
  • Will not scratch, tug, or slip
  • Available in neutral colors that will enhance your eyes’ natural beauty

Why choose a liquid liner over a pencil?

Pencil eyeliners are applied by rubbing the pencil on your lash line. This tends to create a smudged effect. Liquid eyeliners are much more precise. Liquid eyeliners also tend to last longer, as they do not easily rub off.

Is the Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line easy to apply?

Yes!! Take the corner of your eye and gently pull outward. Then, carefully use the felt tip to smooth across your lash line, starting with the inside corner and sweeping outward. For a subtle look, keep your line thin and as close to the lash line as possible. For a more dramatic look, use the side of the felt tip to create a thicker line.

Is this eyeliner really waterproof?

This liner is waterproof in the sense that it will not run or smudge while swimming or exercising. However, it does come off easily with a waterproof eye makeup remover, so if you mess up when you’re applying it don’t worry! You can wipe it off and start again.

Beauty Blunders: How to Fix Your Eyeliner Mistakes | Loren's World

There is no eyeliner out there that makes it as easy to achieve a dramatic or classic look that won’t smudge and keeps my eyes looking great all day and night. Would you change things up and give it a try?