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Top Pick: Fixx™ Microdermabrasion

Do you ever look in the mirror, especially at the end of a long week, and think your skin is lacking that glow you love to see? There’s a dullness that sometimes takes over. It could be from lack of sun or simply that your skin needs some hydration and a bit of a pick-me-up. One of my favorite ways to bring back that perfect glow almost immediately: Fixx Microdermabrasion, my top pick for the week.

This gentle exfoliator is just what you need to buff away those dead skin cells that make you look tired and dull. Soothing natural extracts like aloe vera and chamomile moisturize skin, while buffing away dead skin and clogged pores. Fixx Microdermabrasion Complex uses potent marine-derived Coralline extract and Kelp to keep skin nourished and protected.

Top Pick: Fixx Microdermabrasion

Fixx Microdermabrasion Complex gently exfoliates the skin without causing the skin irritation that is common to other methods of exfoliation. It will quickly polish away dead skin and unclog pores to reveal radiant, smooth skin. You’ll feel like you’re glowing from the inside out – and everyone will want to know what you’re doing to achieve that incredible glow.

Here’s a few of the Fixx Microdermabrasion Benefits:

  • Supports normal skin cell renewal for radiant-looking skin
  • Polishes and soothes skin with skin-revitalizing exfoliators and natural extracts, which gently buff away dead skin and unclog pores
  • Contains the marine-derived complex Coralline to help soothe skin
  • Contains calming chamomile and brightening licorice to promote a more even-toned complexion

Fixx Microdermabrasion promotes cell turnover and oxygenation. It will sooth you tired skin and give you a more youthful and bright appearance, all via special and natural ingredients.

  • Corallina Extract helps soothe skin by promoting oxygenation and has been shown to give antioxidant properties to promote firmer-looking skin.
  • Aloe Vera Juice Aloe helps calm and reduce the redness that can occur during exfoliation.
  • Kelp Kelp is a detoxifying seaweed that contains 23 minerals, including iodine, folic acid, and Vitamins A, B12 and D; helping the skin to stay nourished, healthy, conditioned and moisturized.
  • Chamomile containins antioxidants that help soothe the skin to combat irritation. It is also known for its skin conditioning properties, restoring suppleness to the skin.
  • Licorice promotes brightening of the skin to reduce the appearance of blotchy skin and hyper-pigmentation.
  • Vitamin E Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps promote smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Fixx Microdermabrasion is my go-to exfoliator when I want to bring back that healthy glow I’m missing. Would you give this awesome product a try?