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Eat Here: Mercadito

Mexican food can go really, really wrong, but Mercadito Restaurants has it down to a science. I first ate at a Mercadito in New York  and was impressed, so I was excited to hear the restaurant group had plans to open a location in Miami. This past March, Midtown Miami welcomed Mercadito to its trendy neighborhood and since then quickly became a hotspot. Rarely do restaurants have the trifeca: good food, good environment and good cocktails. But Mercadito has it all.

You won’t want to miss…the beer-battered mahi tacos. I know it doesn’t sound very health-conscious, but you must splurge on this one. They have the perfect amount of crunch and spice, and they’re not too messy.

You’ll want to drink…the individually muddled fresh fruit margaritas created by the Tippling Bros., made with 100 percent blue agave tequila.

You’ll want to wear…anything with color. The eatery is casual, so anything goes. If you wear drab colors, you’ll definitely stick out.

You’ll want to go with…friends! This is absolutely a fun place with a group, especially since the plates are more like tapas and easy to share. The more the merrier!

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