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City Guide: NYC Bars

How does it go? Oh, I heart New York. I do, indeed. There are plenty of reasons to love New York City, whether it’s the parks, the big city hustle, or the nightlife. One reason I personally love the city is the fact that you can find anything there. There’s something for everyone and that’s especially true for when it comes to the bar scene. There are different kinds of bars for every different kind of person. Maybe you’re a dive bar type? Manhattan has plenty of those. You prefer something more upscale? No worries. NYC has got it.Check out some of my favorite bars below!


White Oak Oyster Bar- This place has a very relaxed vibe with mid-range prices and very friendly service. It’s a small space that doesn’t get insanely packed so go with a group of friends and enjoy the chill atmosphere. The bar's happy hour is very reasonable.

Greenwich Treehouse- For a dive bar with an attitude all it’s own, check out Greenwich Treehouse. It’s in the center of the West Village and has some very quirky décor. Be sure to take a selfie with their stuffed Yoda hanging out in their indoor treehouse. It’s where you go on a Friday night when you just want to have a good time.

Adella- Adella is a wine bar with delicious tapas and a great menu. The vibe is akin to White Oak. It’s very relaxed and great for conversation. Date night, anyone?

Raines Law Room- New York is full of no name speakeasy, but Raines Law Room has to be the best. Be sure to book a reservation and head over for one of their specialty drinks. It’s a unique place and definitely an experience for anyone visiting the city. 

Plunge Rooftop Bar And Lounge- If you want to get a nice view of the big city, you have to go to Plunge and kick back with a drink as well. This rooftop bar has plenty of seating. Go for day drinks and take a dip in their rooftop pool. It’s sure to be a good time.