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Why UFOs Make Money While Brushing Their Teeth

February 12th, 2018

There are always a million reasons to smile after experiencing the magic at #MAWC2018. One of the said reasons is the launch of the first ever Shopping Annuity Brand product. Say hello to the Shopping Annuity® Premium Natural Toothpaste. This product is the reason why UFOs make money while brushing their teeth.

Why UFOs Make Money While Brushing Their Teeth


As you already know, converting spending into earning is at the heart and soul of the Market America SHOP.COM company ethos. We’re revolutionizing the Shopping Annuity movement. How? We give our UnFranchise Owners the ability to share their input and help determine which products we develop.

During MAWC 2017, we asked our family of UFOs to vote on the products they would like available to their Shopping Annuity. Our UFOs requested an innovative toothpaste, so our team delivered!

This ingenious natural toothpaste’s whitening and brightening capabilities are influenced by calcium carbonate, bromelain, and papain. These combined superhero ingredients are proven to help whiten teeth.

The Shopping Annuity® Premium Natural Toothpaste contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Gently clean and whiten your teeth with a lasting minty fresh aroma.

Discover more information here.

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