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Marley Coffee + SHOP.COM

Let’s get a shout out from all the coffee lovers out there! From dark roast to bright and bold, having your daily cup just the way you like it is the best way to start the day. We are thrilled to have delicious and organic Marley Coffee join our host of products available (with CASHBACK) on SHOP.COM! Direct from the hills of Jamaica, Bob Marley’s son Rohan is working to fulfill his dad’s lifelong dream of getting back to the land. Steeped in his grandmother’s family tradition of drying the wild coffee berries in the sun and roasting them each day to brew the perfect cup, Rohan is back at it with Marley Coffee. Delivering that same level of quality as his grandmother did so many years earlier; Marley Coffee boasts an intoxicating aroma and a rich, smooth flavor in every cup.

Situated in a 52-acre private estate, deep in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, the Marley Coffee Company was founded by Rohan Marley and his friend, Shane Whittle. Known as one of the most desirable locations in the world for growing flavorful and aromatic coffee beans, the region is the perfect locale for this flourishing farm. Using organic and sustainable growing and harvesting processes, the Marley Coffee Company supports partner farms and communities worldwide. Marley Coffee was founded to honor the late Bob Marley, representing his dream to one day return to the land he loved so deeply while also maintaining his connection to all things true and vital. Rohan is certainly working to keep that connection and memory alive – and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Marley coffee join the SHOP.COM family.

Here’s a look at all the great Marley Coffee roasts now available on SHOP.COM:

One Love Whole Bean Organic Medium Roast

Mystic Morning Whole Bean Organic Medium Roast

Buffalo Soldier Whole Bean Organic Dark Roast

Lively Up! Whole Bean Organic Medium Roast

Simmer Down Decaf Whole Bean Dark Roast

Jamaica Blue Mountain Top Rankin’ Medium Roast

Get Up Stand Up Whole Bean Light Roast

Are you a coffee lover? Are you as thrilled as we are to have this sustainable and gourmet coffee available at your fingertips whenever you wish?