Make the Iconic Palette Your Own

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I created Motives® with one thing in mind—to help make women feel strong, powerful, and beautiful. I wanted women to show off their own uniqueness through makeup. It's been an honor to see real women enjoying our products especially when we've worked so hard to make these products great. We recently released our Iconic Palette, a full face palette full of fall shades to help you exude your own uniqueness. Now, beauty advisors are taking advantage of this fabulous product and creating gorgeous makeup looks. Below are some of our lovely beauty advisors wearing the Iconic Palette. See how to make the Iconic Palette your own.

Make the Iconic Palette Your Own

It's times like these that make me proud of what we do with Motives®. These everyday women don't look so every day to me, especially while wearing our products. It's an honor to see Motives® beauty advisors showing their best face like this. I've worked so hard to make Motives® what it is now. I feel proud that these women chose to represent my company and products. This is truly a positive representation of everything myself and Motives® stand for. Thank you for choosing Motives®, ladies! xo

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