Lumiere de Vie's New Instagram

At Market America and SHOP.COM, we strive to bring you the best that we have to offer. The same goes for our brands! We want you to have the best because you deserve it, especially while growing your business— even when it comes to searchability. Now, when looking for Lumiere de Vie products, your customers don't have to look far. The Lumiere de Vie's Instagram has changed, and we're so excited about it. Now, we're @lumieredevie. Amber and I hope this makes showing off our products easier for you. We know how important social media is for any business! If skin care is essential to you and your customers, then I hope this makes it easier for you!

Lumiére de Vie's New Instagram


How excited are you about the Instagram change? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @lorenridinger.