Layered: Now Available in Canada!

Canada, it’s your time to #getlayered! We are so thrilled to extend the Layered line in Canada. You’re going to fall in love with this jewelry line which allows women to create their unique style and celebrate their own beautiful layers. This line was founded and inspired by my talented daughter, Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin. Layered is sleek, interchangeable, timeless and affordable, the perfect combination for the modern woman. Between being a busy mom, trendsetter, entrepreneur and influencer, Amber is well aware of how complex the life of a modern woman is and wanted to help women celebrate those unique layers. In celebration of extending this product line to Canada, I wanted to round up my favorite pieces at the moment.

Hailey - Round Cut Tennis Necklace, $167.50

There's nothing more classic than a tennis necklace.

Amber Ring - Emerald Cut Eternity Band, $69.95

This ring comes in different colors and is perfect for stacking with a statement.

Chelsea - Pierced Round Cut Lariat, $79.95

This gorgeous lariat elevates any outfit. I love styling it with a blazer or even a deep-plunged bathing suit.

Loren - Pave, Square Radiant Cut Link Necklace, $79.95

I love the link necklace trend! This piece can be worn by itself or layered.

Adrienne - Spiraled Baguette Ring, $39.95

Love these dainty rings for stacking!

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