La La Anthony Talks Motives® at #MAIC2018

La La Anthony Talks Motives® at #MAIC2018, la la anthony, la la, maic2018, maic,

Co-Founder of Motives® for La La Anthony hit the stage just a few hours ago to give Unfranchise Owners some tips for selling. I'm so proud of my girl. She knows how to speak her truth to the crowd and get them going. Check her out below and read some inspiring highlights from her speech below.

La La Anthony Talks Motives® at #MAIC2018


"People can feel when you have self-love and self-worth. It's just a vibe you give off. It's definitely one of the keys to success. I want us to all think about loving ourselves first. It's so important in business and in life."

"I choose to be kind, gentle, and patient on myself. I choose self-compassion. I choose self-love."

"Let's awaken our dreams and make them a reality."

"This is economic freedom for you and your entire family. That's forever. Who doesn't want that?"

"You cannot let people and their misery to bring you down because they will every time."

"Don't be afraid to tell your real story and the struggles that it took you to get here today."

"When you're confident, people want to be in business with you. You don't want to look desperate; you want to look confident. Look like you know what you're doing even when you don't know what you're doing."

"What are you waiting for? The time is now! It's a women's world out there. Sorry to all the guys out there but it is a woman's world out there, and we are the new economy."