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Wearable Tech: Sunclipse Helps Protect Wearer from Exposure to UV Rays

Sunclipse UV Sensor

Ready for a more tech-savvy way of staying safe in the sun? Your answer may be in this tiny, clip-on gadget. The Sunclipse Shadow is a sleek bit of wearable tech designed to monitor the day’s UV levels and alert the wearer when he or she is at risk for overexposure. Read on for all the details on how you can support this innovative project.

Sunclipse UV Sensor


Sunclipse makes it easy to stay safe in the sun with the launch of their flagship UV sensor on Kickstarter.

Not only is this a versatile tool for those who love the outdoors, but it’s also an invaluable asset for parents and vacationers who want to keep themselves and their kids from getting sunburned.

“People are becoming more aware of the damage caused by the sun, but they don’t have the tools or knowledge to properly protect themselves, or their children, from the sun,” states Nikola Zistakis, founder. “With Sunclipse, we are giving people the tools to track and learn about their UV exposure in a simple, intuitive way.”

Sunclipse UV Sensor


The small, programmable device clips onto shirts, strollers, bathing suits, and more, and then syncs with an intuitive app, which is programmed with a user skin profile that’s unique to each user. Whether they’re basking in the sun, hiking through the woods, or riding a wave, the app will crunch the data and let users know when to reapply sunscreen or get out of those harmful rays.

Other features include tracking how long users have been in the sun, access to your history of UV exposure over time, giving recommendations on sunscreen SPF based on the day’s activities, and estimating the current “clear sky” UV index.

Watch the video below for more info on the sun-savvy device:

The Sunclipse Kickstarter campaign is focused on raising funds to bring the Sunclipse Shadow to market. Early backers will receive discounted pricing on their own Sunclipse Shadow and additional promotions, including a branded Bella+Canvas tri-blend V-neck, depending on their contribution level.

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