iPhone Photos: How to Capture Winter

iPhone photos

The iPhone may have its glitches, but nothing can compare to the innovation Apple keeps delivering in every upgraded model. Gone are the days you needed insanely expensive cameras and photography equipment to get a decent photo. iPhone photos can look like professional shots with a little know-how, and there are a lot of cutting-edge apps available to add a little extra swag to your photos.

1. Pack a Soft Cloth

iPhones are sensitive to extreme cold as well as extreme heat. Cold temperatures can cause your iPhone battery to die more quickly, so keep your iPhone safely tucked away until you're ready to shoot. Pack a soft cloth to wipe away any condensation on your camera lens gently.

2. Capturing the Classic Winter Wonderland

The best opportunity to capture the winter wonderland concept is to get outside while it's still snowing. Fresh snow provides a beautiful blank canvas of untouched beauty. Snowflakes add a little magic to your picture, while winter sun can bring a pop of color from a blue sky and add a glistening elegance as the light bounces off the snow.

3. Edit to Perfection

iPhone offers polished editing abilities to make your winter scenes come to life. Concentrate on taking a ton of photos while you're outdoors so that you have plenty of images to work with when you get home. Your iPhone will automatically darken bright white snowy photos, so tap the screen and play around with brightness, color, and temperature settings until you capture a scene that pops.

4. Pick a Subject

Nothing captures a snowy photo more than picking a subject and zooming in to emphasize snowflakes and dancing light reflections. Take pictures in normal, live, and portrait modes to test which setting works best with the lighting.

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