Why Your Workplace Needs More Empaths, empath, empathy, workplace.

Why Your Workplace Needs More Empaths

Empaths, you have a unique gift! Even though corporate America can be cut-throat, you can still thrive as a sensitive empath. Sure, you feel things a little more intensely than others, but that doesn't mean you're not meant for a workplace environment. Headhunters and employers, take note! An empath can…
office grinch

How to Beat the Office Grinch

We've all experienced an office Grinch or two in our lifetime. You know the type - they create a negative stench around them like rotting meat that begins infiltrating every corner of the office energy. The office Grinch is the very definition of a 'rotten apple' that needs to be…

Fall Outfits for Work

This fall, don't be afraid to play up your work ensembles. Sure, it's important to go for looks that are professional, but it's okay to incorporate some fall trends into the mix. Got a classic skirt? Pair it with a top that features statement sleeves. Go for an all-red power…
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