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10 Sunglasses Under $50, sunglasses, summer, sunnies, under $50

10 Sunglasses Under $50

Sunnies are major right now. I don't know about you, but I'm always losing my sunglasses. That's why I try not to bring along my favorite, more expensive pairs while I'm traveling. I try to keep things simple with stylish yet inexpensive sunglasses. Does this happen to you? Sick of…
10 Spring Dresses Under $50, spring dresses, spring, under $50, spring dresses, summer dresses, spring and summer, fashion finds

10 Spring Dresses Under $50

It's finally getting warmer in cities like NYC. I can visit Amber and the little ones without a coat or heavy jacket, and I can't wait. Is it warming up in your town or city? If so, then you're going to need some spring pieces to complete your wardrobe! If…
The Best Work Pants Under $50, trousers, work pants, under $50

The Best Work Pants Under $50

After the holidays, we're all saving our pennies. As much as love designer brands, I know not everyone can afford them! That's why it's essential to find savings—especially when it comes to work clothes since most of us wear work clothes every day. Work pants are always so hard to…
Get the Look: Amber's Date Night Dress, zimmermann, amber ridinger, loren ridinger, amber, get the look

Shop These Fall Boots Under $50

Has the weather cooled down in your area? It's starting to feel like fall in Greenwich, which I love. JR and I enjoy watching the trees change so being in Connecticut during this time is definitely a plus for us. Yup, it's no secret that I'm a fan of fall—especially…
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