toxic relationships

toxic relationship

Is It a Toxic Relationship or Your Mental Health?

If you suffer from anxiety, stress, or other mental health problems, you may find yourself confused by your partner's actions. Are you continually questioning whether you're unhappy because of a toxic relationship, or whether it's your depression or anxiety, making you feel sensitive today? Read on. 1. You keep specific…
signs someone's using you

5 Sure Signs Someone's Using You

We've all learned by now that not everyone who enters our lives has good intentions. Sometimes, the people we consider closest to us are the people using us to their advantage. Whether it's a friend or a partner, here are 5 signs someone's using you. 1. They only call when…
online dating

10 Signs Your Online Dating Life Is Toxic

Relationships aren't always happy ever after; sometimes they're just plain toxic. Read on to discover the typical signs of a poisonous online dating life so that you can learn to let negative people go and stop attracting them into your life. 1. The people you date are on explosive terms…
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