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7 Fun New Apps to Try Now

There’s something pretty fun about finding new mobile apps to use and love – don’t you agree? From apps that keep you organized to shopping and even cooking apps – sometimes it’s tough to decide which one if your favorite. With new apps being developed all the time, it’s great…
facebook live streaming

Social Media Trends: Facebook Live Streaming

In case you didn’t know, a few months back Facebook rolled out a new video feature to a select group of users. Celebs and some verified accounts had the chance to test out the new “Live Video” tool – Facebook’s version of “live streaming.” Pretty cool, right? The initial roll…

Urban Periscope: For People Who Don't Look Up

If we are all real and honest with ourselves, we'll admit that sometimes (maybe even often times), we don't pick our heads up while walking because we're too engrossed with what's going on in our phones and not as much with what's going on in front of us. Leading us to often…
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