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You Are So Strong: All the Reasons Why, strength, strong, so strong, strong women

You Are So Strong: All the Reasons Why

As women we tend to be incredibly hard on ourselves. What's the deal, ladies? Why do we consider ourselves weak when we're incredibly strong? We make entire generations of people and yet we still berate and criticize ourselves. Enough is enough. I'm here to stand by you and remind you…

Sia's New Music Video Celebrates Strong Women

When we think about powerful women breaking tradition and showing off their unlimited abilities, it’s not music videos that are typically the first thing to come to mind. But, ironically Sia’s most recent video for her latest single, Alive, dropped last week – and, it’s a reminder of just how…

Why Pirelli's New Calendar is a Big Deal

Pirelli’s calendars are known for a lot of different things. It’s known for scantily clad models while a team of makeup artists and photographers stand behind the scenes waiting for touch ups and extra beautifying.   Source Not that there’s anything wrong with beautifying, but “The Cal,” as it’s called…
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