Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair and Skin

How much do you know about eating for healthy hair and skin? Your diet affects more than just your weight and can contribute to the health of both your hair and skin. Stop worrying about lotions and potions – the secret is in a balanced diet of nutrient rich foods…

Why is Skin Brightening Right for You?

Guest Blogger:  Joyce Baron Many men and women want to know how to lighten dark skin on their body. Whether you are suffering from patches of dark skin due to a chronic condition, were simply born with freckles and don’t like them or have age spots, topical skin brightening treatments…

How to Prevent Sunburns

Do you need to learn how to prevent sunburns? Sunburns are painful and can occur very quickly. Sunburns are serious.  It causes severe swelling and inflammation to the skin. Most of us love to be out during the day when the weather is warm - who doesn't? What many us…
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