negative self-talk

Why You Need to Quit Negative Self-Talk Now

We spend so much time considering everyone else's feelings that we neglect to love the most crucial person in our lives; ourselves. When you're unhappy or beating yourself up verbally, you're destroying your happiness. Negative self-talk places limits on your growth and success. It needs to stop now! 1. Self-love…

Actionable Ways to Practice Self-Love

All over the Internet, people are talking about self-love! It seems like the gateway to the best way to live life. I agree and disagree. Practice self-love because you deserve it, not just because it'll bring you some dream life. There are plenty of websites out there that give good…

6 Overnight Tricks to Boost Your Confidence Levels

Confidence is a must-have asset to achieve happiness and success. If you were born shy, you wouldn't necessarily stay shy. Life experiences, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, and confidence-building workshops or books can all help you grow your confidence. #1. Get Healthy Eating well and regular exercise will…
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