Can You Do This Mental Cleanse Challenge?, mental cleanse, challenge, pinterest, mental health, self-care

Can You Do This Mental Cleanse Challenge?

Mental health is so important, especially as we continue through Self-Improvement Month. What are you doing to improve yourself? I've been focusing on myself this month with the help of a mental cleanse. A mental cleanse can help lead to a full body cleanse, which is so important. Instead of…
5 Core Workouts from Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest workouts, core workouts, core

5 Core Workouts from Pinterest

Taking care of my self and my health is my #1 priority this 2018. I'm exercising, working out, and watching out for myself. I'm enjoying the process at the same time. How are your 2018 goals going? It's all about taking action and getting out there. If your goals are…
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