Get the Look with Motives®: Glitter Eye, get the look, motives, glitter eye, ely marino, motives® cosmetics

Get the Look with Motives®: Glitter Eye

I started Motives® because I had a vision for women to enjoy beauty and makeup! I wanted women to get creative with my products while letting their natural beauty shine through. That's why I'm always overjoyed when I come across influencers creating looks with the help of Motives®. This week,…
Get the Look with Motives® Cat Eye, cat eye, cat eyes, motives, wednesday, loren, motives

Get the Look with Motives®: Cat Eye

Calling all Motives® Mavens and Beauty Advisors! Now that Halloween is over it's time to get a grip on holiday makeup. November is here, and Thanksgiving is on the way. Start brushing up on your makeup skills with the help of Janine Hoen of the Amazing World of J with…
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