mental health

negative self-talk

Why You Need to Quit Negative Self-Talk Now

We spend so much time considering everyone else's feelings that we neglect to love the most crucial person in our lives; ourselves. When you're unhappy or beating yourself up verbally, you're destroying your happiness. Negative self-talk places limits on your growth and success. It needs to stop now! 1. Self-love…
toxic relationship

Is It a Toxic Relationship or Your Mental Health?

If you suffer from anxiety, stress, or other mental health problems, you may find yourself confused by your partner's actions. Are you continually questioning whether you're unhappy because of a toxic relationship, or whether it's your depression or anxiety, making you feel sensitive today? Read on. 1. You keep specific…

8 Signs You're a Workaholic

An employee with a strong work ethic is an asset to any organization, but there's a fine line between a hard worker and a workaholic. You're no good to anyone if you're burning out and not taking care of yourself. If you relate to more than half of the typical…
upgrade your mental health

7 Proven Ways to Upgrade Your Mental Health

Our high-stress workaholic lifestyles can wear us down over time and chip away at our state of mind. Read on to discover six proven ways to upgrade your mental health instantly. 1. Work out. Exercise relieves stress, increases energy levels, and releases feel-good hormones and chemicals. Not a fan of…
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